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Diamond Grind Essential Bundle (78 grinders) 20% off with BONUS

Diamond Grind Essential Bundle (78 grinders) 20% off with BONUS


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This essential pack of Diamond Grind takes out the trouble of reorders and gives you a nice 10% discount.  Get just what you need with all the best selling sizes and colors.  This assortment will also come with BONUS FREE storage jars that work with your 4 piece Diamond Grind.

Included in your bundle of 78 Diamond Grind:

6x D5/4A and 1x D5/4 silver  (with screen 30mm 1.25")

12x D4A and 1x D4 silver  (with screen 50mm 2.0")

12x D3/4A and 1x D3/4 silver  (with screen 56mm 2.25")

6x D2A and 1x D2 silver  (with screen 63mm 2.50")

1x D1A and 1x D1 silver (with screen 90mm 3.50")

6x D3A (2 piece 56mm 2.25")

1x each D4/5A, D3/5A and D2/5A (2 screen grinders in 50mm, 56mm and 63mm)

Quick-Turn Matte Diamond Grind:

4x D4M (with screen 50mm 2.0")

4x D3/4M (with screen 56mm 2.25")

4x D2M (with screen 63mm 2.50")

Diamond Grind Shakers: Shake that pollen off

2x DS-1A  (with screen 50mm 2.0")

2x DS-2A (with screen 56mm 2.25")

2x DS3A  (with screen 63mm 2.50")

FREE AIRTIGHT STASH: connect to your same size Diamond Grind for extra storage

3x STASH-4A (50mm 2.0")

3x STASH-3/4A (56mm 2.25")

3x STASH-2A (63mm 2.50")



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