Electroplated pipes are back!

Now is the time to upgrade your display pieces and add items that will catch your customers eye. Our best selling electroplated pipes are back with all new styles and designs to choose from. The beaker water pipe is smashing it at the lowest, shocking price of $13.95. This piece jumps out of your display case, making a statement with its sleek design and affordable price.

What sets our new pipes apart?

One of our new pieces resembles a steam roller but with a unique twist - it has two potential bowls, with one acting as a carb. This pipe is large and heavy, measuring in at over 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. It stands on its own, making it a great display piece.  Throw a light on it and see people flock!

Introducing the iridescent electroplated spoon pipe

Our last new item is a simple yet elegant iridescent electroplated spoon pipe. This pipe is bigger than most at 4.5 inches, with a good weight that feels substantial in your hand. The iridescent finish makes it FLASHY!

Don't miss out on these exciting new additions to add to your store.  They won't last long so don't miss your chance to make some cash. Whether you prefer the classic beaker water pipe, the innovative steam roller with dual bowls, or the elegant iridescent spoon pipe, we have something for every smoker.

Be the cool store everyone talks about!

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